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Social Media Builds Your Brand.

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Social Media Campaign

It’s a Social Media Revolution.

How Social Media Marketing Works:

Define your goal.

Select your target market by choosing a specific demographic (age, gender, geography, workplace, etc.) and in some cases a professional profile (job title, school, skills and industry, etc.)

You tell us your budget.

We design and write the ads and develop your lead generation strategy for you. As well we can design your social media pages to fit your brand and also create the content such us postings, contests, coupons and more!

TMS will run the campaign and you 1) gain contact information of qualified users 2) gain followers, likes etc. 3) gain increased awareness.

Social engagement that drives real results.

Social Media Marketing can be leveraged to help build an effective online presence, successfully create “top of mind” brand awareness, promote products and services, convert fans/followers into customers, and even boost your seo rankings!

Social Media Marketing includes social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis and any other collaborative form of media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service.

We navigate through the hype and determine your best plan of action.

Social media can be overwhelming and difficult to decide what the right fit is for your company. It’s important to have a plan of action and know what platform is best to utilize. We help you understand the tools, how they work, and get you started. Our services also include full Social Media monitoring, managing, and posting.

Social Media Marketing Services

Complete Social Media account set-up
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+
page creation, branding, and design
Strategizing and advertising campaigns
Contest creation
Full monitoring including content writing and posting
Wordpress Blog creation, design, and implementation



Top of mind brand awareness

Keep your brand in the forefront and communicate with customers and future customers with ease.


Increase Sales

Social Media integrates and enhances all of your other marketing efforts.


Instant Feedback

Engage dialogue with polls, posting questions, sharing news, advertising sales and showcasing new products/services.


Build trust and convert fans into loyal customers

Grow fan engagement, build your company’s reach, and drive customer conversion.


Boost SEO Rankings

Building your online presence within Social Media platforms increases your visibility in turn boosting your SEO.