Landing Page Elements that Convert

Landing page set-up isn’t complicated.

There are so many tools out there to even help you do it. The tough part about landing pages is how to convert your visitors into customers or subscribers.

Many elements come into play on your web page to convert visitors.
For example:
What do you put on a landing page?
Where do you place everything on a landing page?
What you say on a landing page?
How does it all work to motivate the visitor to the next step?

The infographic below shows the process of creating a great landing page. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use every single element to create a high converting page. There is no one way to create a landing page. Elements that work for one site might not work for another site. That is where A/B testing comes into play to test your page for the best conversion rate. With A/B testing you can pick different elements to place on each test page.

Use different inbound streams to find out which landing page does better than the other. Once you know which one is converting better than the other, create a new and improved test page to go up against the landing page that is doing well. Have fun and happy marketing!


Converting Visitors

Infographic courtesy of QuickSprout.