12 Business Blog Post Ideas You Should Try

Grow your business up to 62%

A recent HubSpot study revealed that from 2009 to 2012 respondents with a business blog grew from 48 to 62 percent.

Now you’re probably concentrating on blogging as a way to draw new customers to your website. Businesses now recognize that a blog is a powerful marketing tool when properly maintained. It is not enough for your blog to sit with no action for months or only add new content that’s a poorly disguised pushy sales post.

A strong blog doesn’t simply sell – instead it proves to your customers why you stand apart from your competitors. Here are twelve business blog post ideas that can strengthen relationships, invite new customers to get to know your business and are sure to be shared on Facebook.

1- Customer Success Stories

When you receive a good testimonial from a happy customer, seek permission to use it. You can turn it into a blog post that will solicit more customer stories and show visitors that are new to your blog how great your business really is. There are several innovative ways to share testimonials for your business.

2- Play Off Someone Familiar

Mention a musician or popular actor and you readers will take immediate interest. It will help build trust and create an instant connection between you and your readers.

3- Mention a Popular Post

If you noticed a popular post that has gained a lot of attention, write something that bounces off of it. Share your point of view and make sure you link back to the original post. Don’t forget to share with that blogger that you commented on what they wrote. This also opens up the possibility of a content exchange arrangement.

4- Discuss Trends

Show your authority through discussion of industry trends. You convey authority when you acknowledge the evolution of your trade.

5- Share Snippets of Upcoming Plans

A sneak peek at future plans for your business is a good way to reel your customers in. It will pique your reader’s interest and leave them wanting more.

6- Review a Book

Did you read a book (or e-book) that you think your customers would enjoy? Share the author & title, as well as what you found valuable. People always appreciate book recommendations, especially when relevant to their interests.

7- Create an Infographic

To create a post that will get a lot of shares, make an infographic. Posts that are fact-filled gain a lot of attention on social networks, which can drive people back to your site and let them see what your business is all about. Technology has the ability to make small businesses big and a powerful blog post is a good start to recognition.

8- Share Your Charity Work

If you give back to your community, humbly share your involvement. If you cleaned up a park or served food at a local soup kitchen, post a video of you and your team hard at work.

9- Be Inspiring

Oftentimes, people just want to feel good. Write about something you found inspiring in the last few days or take some time to share how you stay positive during the workday. No need to push your business in this kind of post.

10- Admit Your Blunders

Everyone makes mistakes. If you had a product failure or any mistake that you have learned from, admit it and take responsibility for it. People respect those who can own up to failures and mistakes. Make a large part of your post focus on how you’re fixing the problem.

11- Create a Series

If you want to delve into a topic, break it up into several posts. Or select a day each week or month that you cover the topic. This is a great way to get your casual readers to become regulars.

12- Share Hints and Tricks

If you don’t want to give a step-by-step, take a different approach. Give readers suggestions and hints on how to best use and maximize what they get from their product.

Your blog is no longer simply something you should do when you have time. It’s become an integral component of your marketing plan and business success. Post a variety of relevant content and you will see that your blog is a worthwhile time investment.