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It all starts with a feeling.

Branding (a.k.a logo design) is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them used to identify a company or organization and their goods and services. But more importantly it’s a feeling, a connection, a sense of trust instilled in the minds of the consumer. It’s how a company views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it.

We listen to you.

Our discussion with you is the starting point for creating the unique face of your brand. We want to portray your vision polished into the right mix of design, strategy, and feeling. We can assist you from the early branding stages of naming your company, service, and/or product; developing your brand strategy and positioning; analyzing your competition; name evaluation; logo development, logo design and tag line development; developing your brand’s story and connection factor + much more!

A good brand will deliver your message clearly, confirm your credibility, connect emotionally, motivate the buyer, and confirm user loyalty.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



Command the market

A strong, reputable brand helps you command a better price in the market place. Brands are being accepted as assets which have a tangible financial value.


Gain Repeat business

A brand helps to build long term relationships with your customers. If they feel you’re talking their language they’ll keep coming back for more!


A strong platform to grow

Establishing your brand will give you a much stronger platform for growth through new products/markets.

Our Branding Packages

Brand Guidelines Booklet
Add to any branding package

The Branding Guidelines Booklet is a supporting document to your brand which contains a set of guidelines. These guidelines govern how your brand/identity is used and applied to various business documents and marketing platforms. Within the booklet you will find approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, sizing guidelines and more.

Naming Services
Add to any branding package

Our naming process begins with understanding everything about your brand. We send you a questionnaire to start.

We want to know all the details of your brand, like where your brand has been, where it’s headed, your competition, and what industry your in.

Whether you are a large company struggling with a naming project or a small startup just embarking on a naming adventure, we can help!

For Company Names, Product Names, Services Names:
competitive analysis
brand strategy
brand positioning
name development
trademark prescreening
name’s intrinsic qualities and how they support the brand positioning
name evaluation
name adoption / logo development

We will tailor your package to best suit your needs.

Linguistic Connotation Servies:
We also can provide linguistic connotation screening if needed.
Screening for semantic meaning, usage, connotation, spelling and pronunciation in a variety of foreign languages.

*We can increase the print quantity to suit your needs at an additional cost.